Our Senior Stallions

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Fergies Storm N Hawk  -    AMHA/AMHR  32"   Foaled 09/04/2005 He is a beautiful Black and White stallion with 2 big Blue Eyes!  Fergie is DNA tested to be: Homozygous for Black, Homozygous for Splashed White Overo, and Positive for Frame Overo! ALL OF HIS FOALS WILL be genetically Black and White with varying splashed white or frame overo genes/patterns.  He is correct in every way and extremely eye catchting!  He has already produced many outstanding colorful foals for "Bear Farm Miniature Horses" in his breeding carrer so we can't wait to see what he will do for us LOOK FOR HIS 2014 FOALS!!!


Taylor Mades Senor Destino (aka:Taylor)Taylor is an AMHA/AMHR Bay stallion Foaled 4-12-05 he stands 34.00 in tall and is correct in every way a real eye catcher!  He is a "SON" of Alvadars Double Destiny and out of a mare who's pedigree includes extensive Bond breeding as well as Orion Light Vant Huttenest.  Taylor produces extremely correct, small foals that are very up headed and exactly what you need to take and WIN IN THE SHOW RING!!!!  $1500.00
Ramaker's Debut in Blue of Abranch- Blue Roan 32.00" AMHA/AMHR Stallion Foaled 4-6-09 Blue is extremely eye catching, refined, and very up headed ,he carries outstanding bloodlines including Orion Light Vant Huttenest, and Del Teras.  His first foals were just as we had hoped beautiful, refined and Blue!!!  Debut in Blue has unlimited potential!!!  $1500.00
Ramakers Blue Heza Dandy (aka: Dandy) 32.25in. Blue Roan AMHA/AMHR Stallion Foaled 6-24-07.  He comes from a long line of top miniature horses that were all shown successfully and bred to do just that!  The roan color is also another of this little stallions great attributes that he passes to his foals.  He continues to produce quality foals year after year! 

Triple Ks Destinys BTU Buckeroo (aka: Buck) 32.50in. Buckskin AMHA/AMHR Stallion Foaled 5-24-08

Buck's pedigree is just as nice to look at as he is!!!  He is a grandson of Alvadars Double Destiny on the top side and Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too on the bottom side!  He is very nice to be around and easy to handle traits he is sure to pass on to his foals along with his Outstanding Buckskin Color!!!  
We have more stallions than we can use this year so we have reduced the price on this outstanding stallion!!!  We would like to find him a new home ASAP before breeding season!